Burlington City Arts

Lorraine B. Good Room

The Lorraine B. Good room is located on the 2nd floor of the BCA Center. The art in this room is available for viewing during our regular open hours, except when the room is being used for programming, meetings and rental events.  



February – August 2020


Cameron Schmitz

At the Turning II, mixed media on canvas


I use mark-making to express the constantly moving, changing, and morphing of life and nature, leaving observers certain that they are witnessing merely a fleeting moment in time. I am fascinated by the imagery that emerges from the physical and emotive act of painting itself — dashes of paint, gestural strokes, and rhythmic painterly marks are representative of human touch, personal exchange, energy, and the shifting of time.


Painting is a metaphor for my perception of life, inspired by tender, emotional relationships, and rooted in notions of touch, love, and wonder that I experience as a woman, mother, and humble observer of the world.


My pathway into abstraction stems from my background in both landscape and figurative painting — I have always been fascinated by gesture and the human aspects of nature, such as the way tree branches appear to reach out to each other as if yearning to touch and hold hands. I have found that being a parent has heightened my senses and my desire to move beyond literal forms and clarified my artistic motivation to express joy, wonder, and a contented unknowing about life, which is messy and intense but always potent with exceptional beauty. It is this uncertainty I embrace while painting intuitively and abstractly because it allows me to relinquish control and give way for the painting to become a dialogue between me, the material, and its viewers.



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