Burlington City Arts

Airport Gallery

The Burlington International Airport features Vermont artists from BCA's External Exhibitions program in several spaces. These exhibits are located in the Skyway and Gates 1-8 (both located on the 2nd floor) as well as above the escalator in the main building. Artwork rotates every few months in these locations.



October 2020 - January 2021


Barbara Greene


View From Mt. Philo #1, oil on canvas, 10x20



I paint to communicate, to express with paint instead of words what I see and how I feel about it.  Painting for me is both physical and emotional; working with color and brushes and occasionally other things to make marks with, I try to capture on canvas the story of why a particular subject appealed to me. Much of my life has been about making connections—building relationships among people, and, for much of my life I’ve been a sailor, always drawn to the water. Many of my paintings incorporate both, though the connections are no longer those directly between people. Instead, connections between the land and water, reflections of land and sky on water, and bridges connecting places real or imaginary often find their way into my work.


I often paint outdoors from spring into early fall, and in the studio during the rest of the year, but I’ll frequently complete indoors a painting begun outside. And when painting outdoors isn’t feasible, I’ll work inside from photographs I’ve taken of places that had a strong impact on me. Not quite abstract yet not quite representational, my paintings reveal the basic elements of an approachable, identifiable context, but not the details. I try to create a sense of place, a place that may be readily recognizable to a viewer or may just feel familiar. And through my work I invite viewers to share my visions of my subject matter—or to create their own.


Barbara Greene is a landscape painter who lives in northern Vermont where she’s actively involved in the art community. She started painting seriously as a teenager, and though she’d always envisioned a career in the arts, life got in the way, and for many years painting necessarily took a back seat to other professional work and family responsibilities. About 12 years ago, with joy (and occasional frustration), Barbara picked up her brushes again and painting has since been her primary focus. Barbara studied painting with Philip Shumaker and Lawrence Hirsch in New York, did studio work and studied art history as an undergraduate at the University of Chicago, and subsequently pursued graduate coursework at the Cleveland Institute of Art as a non-degree student. Barbara’s paintings are in private collections around the country and she has exhibited her work in a number of venues, including many in Vermont.


Jo Thomas


White Birch Series - The Path Less Taken, ripped paper collage, 36x24


As with many artists, I find an escape from my ordinary life when I delve into the creative part of my brain.  Time escapes me and my thoughts are lost in this process of communication.  I’m letting light into a part of my soul, and releasing it out to the world.  Or, perhaps I’m just trying to capture a moment in time.After decades of conventional painting, my artistic life transformed when I was introduced to tissue paper collage at a workshop in Georgia. I learned to mix acrylic paints with a gel medium and water. I pour the mixture onto white tissue paper and let it dry in the sun. I begin my “rip and tear” art form by tearing the paper into pieces and gluing them to a canvas.  I also use bits of white birch bark and sometimes newspapers in my collages.  I’m told they resemble mosaic sculptures as each one contains hundreds of pieces. 

After 16 years of dividing my time between Chattanooga, Tennessee and Norway, Maine, I made my home in Charlotte, Vermont last year.  I worked as an artist, sculptor and art director for the Civic Arts League in Chattanooga for 10 years, and am a founding member of an en plein air group called, The Outdoor Girls.  I have lived each summer in Maine since 1977, and am a member of the Western Maine Art Group. My work can also be found at the Main Street Gallery in Norway.My art has been featured in galleries and festivals in Maine, New York, Wisconsin, Tennessee and Georgia. Through the years, I have been fortunate to have won some honors and awards. I’m now looking forward to joining artists in Burlington to help make the world a prettier place! 



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