Burlington City Arts

Vox Populi

April 13, 2018 - June 10, 2018

Artist Opening Reception: April 13 • 6-8 p.m. • Free and open to the public

How can we capture the mood of a nation, and reflect on the current state of American culture through portraiture? In contemporary art, there is a current trend in evocative “portraiture” that questions, probes, and evokes larger ideas of identity and culture, sometimes even conflict. Whether seen in current events, or with the swell of populism that informs today's American sentiment, people – their beliefs, opinions, and rhetoric – have become polarized, and differences pronounced. Vox Populi (or the people’s voice) aims to capture the character and inner psyche of people through contemporary portraiture, who, despite sharing divergent perspectives and voices, find commonality through our shared image. Vox Populi features recent painting and sculpture by six Vermont-based artists: Catherine Hall, Misoo Filan, Harlan Mack, Nathaniel Moody, Ross Sheehan, and Susan Wilson. ​

Image credit: Misoo Filan, The giant asian girls #4, 2017, 36in x 48in, acrylic paint and collage on panel, Vox Populi