Burlington City Arts

Brigitta Varadi: Exploring the Invisible

February 21, 2020 - June 7, 2020

Brigitta Varadi explores the unseen, everyday rituals of working life. Varadi’s research-based practice is an integral aspect of her art making with each project incorporating experimentation and re-discovered craft traditions.

Exploring the Invisible features a room-size installation of nearly 2,000 ceramic tiles and 19 felted-wool panels made by the artist. The minimalism of Varadi’s art and rawness of her materials belies an intensively laborious process. Instilled with a meditative rhythm, she repeats the same gesture several thousand times as a tile is formed, or wool felted.

In 2019, Varadi visited Shelburne Farms as a BCA artist-in-residence where she interviewed staff and researched the site’s history and farming practices. Through a series of workshops, she led community members in creating handmade tiles as she engaged them in conversations on sustainability and cultural heritage.

Interweaving notions of fine art and craft, labor and heritage, Varadi connects us to the importance of tradition in an era of mass-production and global economies.

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Take a 360-degree tour of the exhibition.


Brigitta Varadi’s video is one of two video components featured in her room-size installation Exploring the Invisible. It captures the laborious practice of processing clay sourced locally from Shelburne Farms to transform it into hand-built tiles emulating historical tiles that were once mass-produced in the late 19th century.

Brigitta Varadi, Exploring the Invisible (video component), 2020. Courtesy of the Artist.

Video footage of the removal of historic cottonwood trees at Shelburne Farms was contributed by Marshall Webb, Carbon Drawdown Coordinator, Shelburne Farms, VT (2019).