Burlington City Arts

UVM Medical Center

The University of Vermont Medical Center, located at 111 Colchester Avenue, has been exhibiting and purchasing the work of Vermont artists on the main medical center campus in various locations for many years, thanks to its ongoing partnership with Burlington City Arts. Rotating artwork can be found in the ACC East Pavilion 2 & West Pavilion 3, McClure 4, Breast Care Center, and Patient Garden.  Permanent artwork is also on display throughout the hospital.


September 2018- January 2019


Kelly O'Neal 


ONeal_Kelly_Breathe_2015_Photograph on Canvas_30x40 Framed_$1000.jpg

Breathe, photograph on canvas, 30" x 40"

Photographer, traveler, data nerd, foodie, geographer, dog lover, sunset enthusiast: Kelly O’Neal creates ethereal, painterly photographs of the beauty of place.  Unlike most photographers, she seeks to move the camera during exposure, relying on years of practice to create the look she wants on her digital film.  Rather than documenting what your eyes directly see, she captures colors & shapes and seeks to evoke the essence of a locale and its quintessential moments.   

Kelly self-taught this technique beginning in 2007 in her basement apartment, combating the stress of a consulting job by photographing flower bouquets at midnight.  Probably while drinking whiskey.  Soon she expanded this technique to landscapes, and took the technique on the road during her travels.  Kelly grew up in Jacksonville, Florida and is currently based in Vermont where her photographic assistant, Teddy Bear, gets impatient for his cookie while waiting for mom to finish shooting beautiful sunsets over Lake Champlain.   


Tatiana Yakusheva


yakusheva, winter in Burlington, oil on canvas,24x30”,$499.jpg

Winter in Burlington, oil on canvas, 24" x 30"


Welcome, dear friends, and thank you for your curiosity and attempt to capture my art. For me Art is Life and Life is Art. Both processes are pretty complicated, but also adventurous, creative, challenging, and infinite. As we look for our paths in life so do I also look for approaches and techniques in the art process. Every time I draw or paint, I try to improvise… with new mediums and styles. Art, for me, turns into a meditation process. It is something sacred, magical, and ephemeral. The state of creation, or the process of creation, is life in different dimension. Artwork turns into separate substance that has energy, light and lives its own life. The goal for me is not to create painting with the right succession of strokes, proportions and perspective. All the beauty is in imperfection. Drawing or painting becomes a separate substance that has energy and light, and lives its own life. 

Art has no borders and it needs to be free. You should put passion, energy and love into what you do to create something of artistic value, emotional and spiritual, something that would disturb people's minds and touch the strings of their souls. My works are usually the result of generated experience, passion, feelings, concerns, and questions. Emotions: love, friendship, happiness, grief, disappointment, failure, and success make the works impressionistic, lively, and dynamic. I don't create on someone's order or make the copies. You cannot step into the same river twice and you can never feel or think the way you did a moment ago. To copy for me means to lie or fake it. Every new work should be original, complete and genuine. You cannot have a formula for inspiration or love. Either it is there or it is not. 


Kathleen Grant



Lemon Kiss, mixed media, 26" x 20"


Kathleen Grant grew up in Stamford, Connecticut. Her love for art started at a young age. After taking numerous art classes in high school she then attended Johnson State College to pursue her dream of becoming an artist.  Kathleen then found her calling; she wanted to share her love and enthusiasm of art through teaching. At the age of 27 she became a K-8 art teacher.  Kathleen found while she worked with the children, they were bringing more inspiration to her art. After teaching for thirty years Kathleen has retired from her teaching career to work as a full time artist and jewelry designer.  She resides in the beautiful Green Mountains of Shelburne, Vermont with her husband, Doug and three cats. She also has three beautiful children of her own, Ashley, Kaitlyn, and Nicholas.   


As an artist, she finds there are no boundaries when sticking to a specific artistic medium. In her paintings, she works in a wide variety of media including: water colors, pen, oil sticks, acrylic paints, colored pencils, and ink sticks. Kathleen’s Jewelry designs specialize in wirework and cold connections (a technique that does not involve the use of heat or flame). She loves to make jewelry with Lake Champlain and Cape Cod beach stones. She also has a passion for upcycling trinkets and vintage treasures to create unique, wearable art. Clay also fits into Kathleen’s eclectic art, mainly focusing on hand building. She enjoys making function pieces including bowls, platters, vases, and garden art.  Kathleen loves to create; she also loves to share her passion, and hopes to inspire her viewers, peers, students, friends and family through her art


Casey Blanchard


Blanchard_Casey_Summer Nights 24(CODE866)_2013_monoprint_16x11.5 image only_995.JPG

Summer Nights, monoprint, 16" x 11.5"


I stand at the printing press armed with my tools, plates, paper, and inks. Like bees returning to the hive, images funnel into my well, ready to be transformed into tactile expression. Glistening globs of chemistry and pigment color the palette and tempt the bristles and the sticky smack of the brayer. The smell of the oils blending and the moment the brush tip touches the surface is enticing. Print by print, the image starts to breath and to whisper "Here I am". My heart feels its rhythm. Like the chrysalis, the essence shifts into shape. Pattern develops; color and values take a stand. Time flies by and stands still. The creative process is alive. Some people are lucky to love their work. Perhaps they love to deliver babies, pound nails, cook exquisite meals, inspire students, or navigate the seas. I love to make art, to interpret and share my experiences, through the art form of monoprinting. The process of monoprinting is engaging, surprising, fluid, and in the moment. It is unpredictable and fun.

It is not what is apparent that interests me. It is the mysteries behind the frayed veil, the torn edge, and the unspoken word that intrigue me. It is the hints at the essence of existence and the glimmers of truth that have drawn me into the illuminating world of the arts. My search for relevance is a bit like an archeological dig. I use my art, the paint and the printing press to examine. In the natural and manmade environment, I look for clues, watch and listen. The eternal questions continue to compel me - who are we, what are we doing here, and does anyone out/up there care? My desire to understand the world, our consciousness, and to serve in a positive way can be a challenge. Creative expression is the sanity check that allows my internal and external concerns to connect and feel grounded.

As important as creating the art is witnessing when people see it in the art. It can be anything that wakes up the viewer's perception. From the most mundane to the most significant matters - a bug, a feather, a fern, the rhythm of nature, a musical note, a mountain peak, or an idea - I sense exciting interconnections within them. I strive to translate that inspiration to the viewer in a nonverbal, nonlinear way. Can art create a resonance and increased awareness of ones own personal and collective human experience? Can it make a difference in the journey? I can offer a small step, a step that can encourage reflection, exploration, and a connection to meaning. That connection is what inspires me. The poet, Rumi, says "Let the beauty we love be what we do. There are hundreds of ways to kneel and kiss the ground."

Thank you for viewing my art.


Judy Hawkins


Hawkins.Mirage.oil on canvas.20x24.$700.jpg

Mirage, oil on canvas, 20" x 24"


Water, with all its varied dimensions, fascinates Hawkins.  She is drawn to and inspired by its simplicity and changing nature - from the pond pebbles on the bottom through layers of water, to surface tension, reflection, water splashes and ripples.  Minute color relationships and a sense of place have her diving into her oil paints.  She remarks that she is continually learning something new whenever she puts brush and color to canvas, each experience bringing a new perspective and vocabulary to her work.  Her paintings are inspired by country drives looking at favorite marshes, fields and ever changing Vermont skies.  She expresses her recollections in new paintings, exaggerating key highlights, beginning a painting at the top and working down, quickly establishing mood through color and composition.  She allows the paint, drips and accidental color combinations to guide her vision to create the drama of weather, skies and water.  Finished paintings often don't resemble their beginnings; they go through a continual process of change.  



All artwork is available for sale. For more information, to purchase, or to see additional works by these artists, please contact Kate Ashman at (802) 865-7296 or