Burlington City Arts

Application for Appointment - Burlington City Arts Advisory Board

In 1990 the City Council passed a Resolution which established a Board of Directors for Burlington City Arts (then called the Mayor’s Arts Council) to be appointed by the Mayor.  The Resolution also directed the Board to adopt bylaws and “continue the original mission of bringing a broad menu of affordable, quality arts and cultural programs to all segments of the community; and to face the major challenges of reduced Federal, State and City funding for such activities”.  To that end, the Board plays a crucial role in the advancement of BCA programs and the well-being of the cultural community.   

General Duties and Expectations
The Board of Directors shall endeavor to implement, support and promote the programs, policies and mission of Burlington City Arts. Directors are expected to give of their time by attending Board meetings, committee meetings, and participating in some BCA events and activities. 

Board members do not have legal fiduciary responsibilities for the organization, but in joining take on the responsibility for providing ongoing fiscal oversight. In addition, it is a critical expectation of BCA donors and granting organizations that the board participate fully in providing fiscal support. The board strongly encourages 100% board participation in this endeavor. There are no requirements or restrictions on the amount of board contributions, but they should be made on an annual basis.

Philanthropy, membership, sponsorships, grants and earned revenue represent a majority of BCA’s funding. Each director is expected to help identify, cultivate and introduce potential members and partners, and to assist in connecting BCA with opportunities that will amplify the impact of its mission throughout the community. 

Included in the Board’s functions shall be the submission to the Mayor of an annual evaluation of the Executive Director and recommendation of annual budget. The Board may not abandon existing programs without consent of the mayor.

The full board typically meets 6 times per year, every other third Tuesday of the month, on odd months, at 3:00 p.m. The BCA Board of Directors is a public body of the City of Burlington, and as such adheres to open meeting laws as required by the State of Vermont. Board members are protected by the Public Officials Liability Insurance of the City.

All board members are encouraged to participate in at least one committee and will be expected to attend and participate actively in committee meetings. Each director brings unique talents to the board. These talents play an important role in the current and future success of BCA by bringing skills, contacts, time and experience to the committee(s) on which members serve.  


  1. Interested candidates may fill out this application for BCA Board. Application deadlines are rolling and open positions may be filled throughout the year.  Questions may be directed to Lori Rowe, Vice President of the BCA Board.
  1. The Vice President of the BCA Board will work with candidates to schedule interviews.   Interviews are held at the BCA Center and are open to the public. Interviews will be approximately 20-30 minutes long and the interviewers will be members of the Executive Committee of the BCA Board and any other existing board members who would like to participate. 
  1. The Executive Committee meets in Executive Session to discuss candidates and availability of openings and needs outlined in BCA’s Board matrix. Executive Committee recommendations are made to the full BCA Board at the following board meeting. The BCA Board meets every other month. Any candidates that are not recommended for appointment will receive a reply from the BCA Executive Committee.
  1. The BCA Board’s candidate recommendations will be forwarded to the Mayor. The mayor will  appoint accepted candidates typically within two weeks.  Appointees will be invited to the next board meeting.


BCA’s mission is to nurture a dynamic environment through the arts that makes quality experiences accessible to a broad audience.  We do this by:

  • Supporting and promoting Vermont artists and advancing the creation of new work
  • Offering a wide spectrum of arts education and engagement opportunities
  • Presenting exhibitions and events that place Burlington in a global context, promote critical dialogue and encourage local participation
  • Serving as the City of Burlington’s cultural planner by making the arts integral to the area's economic and civic development, urban design, and livability

Guiding Principles

We are:

We warmly welcome our constituents and provide multiple points of entry for participating in programs, using facilities, accessing information and experiencing learning.

We work to understand and address the needs of our ever-changing community in relationship to world-contexts, and provide a platform for exploring contemporary issues through the arts. 

We seek and welcome partnerships that align resources and ideas so that the combined impact is of greater benefit to the community.

We identify measurable needs and goals that balance quality of experience and available resources in order to sustain the mission of the organization.