Burlington City Arts

Outdoor Excursions

August 26, 2011 - December 3, 2011

Guest curated by Art in America writer Gregory Volk, Outdoor Excursions featured work by thirteen internationally acclaimed artists on three floors of the BCA Center. Celebrating Vermonters’ love of nature and outdoor-oriented culture, Volk used artworks to transform the galleries into his version of a wilderness adventure company, with artworks offering “excursions” to the Swiss Alps, Icelandic volcanoes, the deep forest, suburban backyards, outer space, and Vermont ski areas, among other destinations.


Artists include: Fred Tomaselli, whose spectacular, highly mediated nature scenes combined paint and diverse collaged materials; renowned Swiss artist Roman Signer, whose temporary sculptures, or sculptures-as-events, are presented as video documentation; Ragna Róbertsdóttir, whose black wall works were made of thousands of lava chips gathered from volcanoes in her native Iceland; Dutch artist Sebastiaan Bremer, known for drawing directly on photographs; German painter and video artist Ati Maier; and recent MacArthur “Genius Award” grant recipient Teresita Fernandez. Also participating were Berlin-based American expatriate Laura Bruce, who is most known for virtuoso large drawings of nature scenes; Roxy Paine, who presented Neuron 2, a model for a sizable outdoor sculpture, that suggested both a neuron and a branching tree; the Brazilian choreography duo chameckilerner (Rosane Chamecki and Andrea Lerner, with filmmaker Phil Harder), with their video “Flying Lesson”, in which the two artists appeared to be miraculously and ecstatically flying outdoors; Diana Al-Hadid, most known for her spectacular, idea-filled mixed media sculptures, exhibited an enthralling partly abstract, partly forest-like drawing and Jon McCafferty, whose multilayered and tumultuous paintings of abstracted mountains were based on topographical maps of ski areas in Vermont.


The 2011 exhibition year was underwritten by Free Press Media. Opening events were generously donated by Catering By Dale


Sponsored by: UVM Office of the Vice President for Research, and Project Graphics.