Burlington City Arts

Medicine & Mortality

October 30, 2009 - December 12, 2009

Medical technology’s capacity to modify, preserve, and extend life has surpassed our psychological ability to integrate these advances. The tools, procedures and detritus of body intervention were the focus of the work of Vermont Artists Linda E. Jones, Sasanqua Link and Nathaniel Price. Link’s meticulously fabricated sculptures combined fantastical medical equipment with highly realistic, ambiguous fragments of body parts, which were simultaneously sensual, disquieting and morbidly fascinating. Jones created contemporary reliquaries, preserving artifacts from family medical procedures—stitches, crowns, tubing, x-rays, excised flesh in encaustic wax—and incorporated them into her multi-layered organic paintings and installations. Price – a recent resident in internal medicine at UVM/FAHC – drew on his interest in pathology and probed the boundaries of portraiture. In the tradition of Mary Shelley these artists captured the uncanny mixture of fascination and revulsion with the trespass of technology on the human body.


Exhibition sponsored by Seven Days Newspaper, Stephen and Burns Salon and Spa.