Burlington City Arts

Alisa Dworsky: Drawing Strength

January 7, 2011 - March 5, 2011

With ropes and bamboo, artist and architectural designer Alisa Dworsky transformed the east and west galleries into complex physical environments. In the installation Surface Tension, black hand-crocheted rope was used to build a landscape suggestive of topographical maps and computer-generated virtual worlds. Dramatic peaks, formed by an upward pull in the rope, were balanced by a series of suspended counterweights. Points of View, a complex network of bamboo tetrahedrons, filled the west gallery. Blue reflective tape on the structure suggested a waterline horizon, which created a shimmering, level plane when illuminated with provided headlamps. With the play of rigid and organic lines, as well as the projection of shadows on the gallery walls, Dworsky reinterpreted two-dimensional drawing into three-dimensional form.


Sponsored by Stephanie Spencer and Rolf Kielman. Supported by a grant from the Vermont Community Foundation, Arts Endowment Fund.  

The 2011 exhibition year was underwritten by Free Press Media. Opening events were generously donated by Catering By Dale