Burlington City Arts

Lorraine B. Good Room

The Lorraine B. Good room is located on the 2nd floor of the BCA Center. The art in this room is available for viewing during our regular open hours, except when the room is being used for programming, meetings and rental events.  


May - September 2019

Mareva Millarc

Evening Rendezvous, acrylic on canvas, 20x40


Motivated by the love of painting I create art that is free of representational reference. I delve into each piece with passion, intuition, and vision. Each painting becomes a deliberate dance of joy as each mark reveals beauty and truth. Spending time in the studio each day I delight in the freedom to voice my thoughts and feelings, translating them into abstract forms of expression. With no reference to the real world, I eagerly explore the wild places where hidden feelings dwell. Through my work, I hope to share my experience as something to behold. 

Mareva Millarc was born in Hollywood, California in 1954. She now lives in Middletown Springs, Vermont with her husband Peter Huntoon, also an artist. Largely self-taught, Millarc began painting representationally in 2007; however, her true passion would soon steer her toward abstraction. Finding inspiration from Richard Diebenkorn, Arshile Gorky and her late father, William Millarc, she begins each piece by applying random marks on the painting surface. This helps establish the foundation where a network of bold line work, geometric shapes and energetic colors harmonize to express mood and emotion.  



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