Burlington City Arts

UVM Medical Center



University of Vermont Medical Center (formerly Fletcher Allen) has been exhibiting the work of Vermont artists on the main medical center campus in various locations for several years, thanks to its ongoing partnership with Burlington City Arts.

CURRENT EXHIBITIONS: (Starting December 7th)

December 2016 - April 2017


Charlie Bluett

Charlie Bluett studied Fine Art at Eton College in the UK, and works from his studio in Vermont. His contemporary abstract colorfield paintings focus around scenes and objects we are all exposed to within America’s vast and varied environments.  Contours, tones, colors, emotions, movement & natures balance feature heavily in his works, and they capture the very essence & flow of the world around us, inspired by the elements, the people & the habitats that combine to create it.​


Emily Mitchell

Emily Mitchell’s approach to making art is centered around “play” - letting go of what might be “planned” and working with what is happening in the physical painting moment and blending that with her response to the world.  When creating art, her heart, brain and soul are lost and mesmerized entirely in the process. She has found that ultimately it is play that allows her work to be true and lets her heart sing. Emily has a strong visual connection to nature, in particular pods, bubbles, trees, birds, and water. As her life has evolved to include her own family, she also observes and renders the idea of “home”.  Above all she is exploring the human need to connect.


Bruce Conklin

During my working life, I have been involved in various aspects of design and implementation. These have manifested as aerospace hardware design, graphic design, photography and illustration, museum exhibit design and, most recently, as a working chef. My days now are divided between painting in the mornings and cooking at Vermont Respite House in the afternoons. I am a self-taught painter, working primarily in the studio. My painting is heavily influenced by the Impressionists and by more recent painters as diverse as Milton Avery, Giorgio Morandi, Vilhelm Hammershoi and Avigdor Arikha


Kevin Ruelle

Owner of Ruelle Design & Illustration for over 30 years, located in Burlington, Vermont. Kevin paints impressionist landscapes from New England, the Southwest and Mexico.  His experience in commercial art includes: technical illustrations, book covers, book illustrations, packaging art, architectural renderings, illustrated maps, cartooning, faux vintage travel posters and decorative art.r.​


Mark Collier

Photographer Mark Collier entered the world of photography at age 10, when his mother, a Vermont school teacher, brought home a camera and darkroom kit in an effort to keep her chronically bored son occupied during Barre Town Elementary School’s long summer vacation. After spending the next two and a half months photographing everything in sight, Mark realized he had found his calling, and began to pursue photography in earnest.

After graduating from Spaulding High School in Barre, Vt., Mark studied photography and art at Johnson State College before enrolling in the adult degree program at Vermont College of Norwich University. His work was first published in the Washington World and Hardwick Gazette. From there he moved on to the Burlington Free Press and the Times Argus, later transitioning from photojournalism to commercial photography and digital image editing. His clientele included Sloan Marketing, Jager, DiPalo, Kemp Design, Burch and Company, as well as freelancing for about six years. In 2011, Mark returned to the Times Argus and his roots as a photojournalist. In 2013 Mark made to move to Norwich University, becoming the University’s staff photographer.

Mark is widely published, his photographs having appeared in The Washington Post, The Associated Press, CNN, Ski Racing Magazine, The Burlington Free Pres, The New York Times Magazine, Architectural Digest, Elle Decor, Dwell, In Style, The Boston Globe, The New York Times, USA Today, and many, many others.


Jean Cannon

I am experienced in a variety of media. My work travels back and forth through personal interpretations of the natural world to curious statements from the subconscious. In terms of the landscape or interior, I tend to favor the close-up view or the odd angle.I also paint from my imagination, synthesizing images from memory or making a stab at the profound, the mysterious, the ethereal,  These paintings often express the intertwining or interconnectedness of people and the natural environment.