Burlington City Arts

Airport Gallery

BCA’s Art Sales & Leasing program curates 3 areas of the Airport with local artists from the BCA Artist Database. These sections are located at the Skyway, Gates 1-8 and near the escalator in main portion of the building. Artwork rotates every few months in these locations.


March- July 2017:

Charlie Bluett


Charlie Bluett studied Fine Art at Eton College in the UK, and works from his studio in Vermont. His contemporary abstract colorfield paintings focus around scenes and objects we are all exposed to within America’s vast and varied environments.  

Contours, tones, colors, emotions, movement & natures balance feature heavily in his works, and they capture the very essence & flow of the world around us, inspired by the elements, the people & the habitats that combine to create it.

May- June 2017:

Jim Westphalen


Jim Westphalen has been a professional photographer for over 30 years. When he’s not shooting commercial assignments, he spends much of his time roaming back roads, combing deserted shorelines or rooting about old farms in search of images that will compel the viewer to pause, reflect and experience.

“I want my photographs to disengage the audience from the here and now; to feel the cold of the blowing snow, to breathe in the serenity of the sea, to lament what once was or to simply be awed by the beauty of God’s creation.” Jim’s ongoing current body of work, vanish is a photo narrative that speaks to the decay of the built landscape in rural America.

Born and raised in Long Island, New York, in 1996 he moved to Vermont where he now lives with his wife Kendra and three children.

May - June 2017:

Mareva Millarc 


Mareva started her journey of artistic expression viewing the world through her own lens at a very young age. Specializing in abstract paintings, Millarc has been painting professionally since 2007.

Born in Hollywood, California, daughter of artist William Millarc, she draws inspiration from the works of Richard Diebenkorn, Arshile Gorky, and her father, viewing art as a sense of unity between mind and spirit, merging the imaginable with the unimaginable