Burlington City Arts

Airport Gallery

BCA’s Art Sales & Leasing program curates 3 areas of the Airport with local artists from the BCA Artist Database. These sections are located at the Skyway, Gates 1-8 and near the escalator in main portion of the building. Artwork rotates every few months in these locations.


March- July 2017:

Charlie Bluett


Charlie Bluett studied Fine Art at Eton College in the UK, and works from his studio in Vermont. His contemporary abstract colorfield paintings focus around scenes and objects we are all exposed to within America’s vast and varied environments.  

Contours, tones, colors, emotions, movement & natures balance feature heavily in his works, and they capture the very essence & flow of the world around us, inspired by the elements, the people & the habitats that combine to create it.

February - May 2017:

Gabrielle Tsounis


As an artist, I am motivated by a compelling drive to create the kind of art which is at once spontaneous and methodical.  Pursuing the urgency of art allows me to be innovative and provides me with a sense of purpose in my work.  My goal is to provoke thought in the viewer, with the hope that my art can be a catalyst for positive change and increased awareness in others and in myself.  My artwork is inspired by my perceptions of the world around me and influenced by my own thoughts, ideas, and visions.  Travel leads me to paint the places I have visited, making travel and art interconnected. My world view alters after every journey, inspiring me to return to my work with renewed enthusiasm and determination.  

Down To Earth

This body of work was inspired by the Earth’s natural elements, such as the colors textures and layers.  From a birds eye view I wanted to depict Nature as Art.  I am in love with Aerial views of the world while flying.  My work is a reflection of my photos I have taken with me during my travels from my window seat.  With various environmental issues, oil spills, and the controversy surrounding the recent pipeline plan, it has brought my attention to create these paintings of the land. The Human Species are part of the land, and we live in a beautiful place. I wish any viewer to be reminded that not only my painting is art, but also the Natural world.


February - May 2017:

Karen Henderson 


In my work, I am interested in the connections between self, place, emotion and time. Seasons, atmospheres and the time of day intrigue me. I try to recreate these natural occurrences, evoking emotions that I associate with them through the use of color, line, and texture.

I use different dye techniques (batik, shibori, color removal, rust print) as well as sewing with my weavings, fabric, or mixed media pieces. I draw lines by stitching with thread. Dimension is added with tucks, layers, or other manipulations of fabric. The lines suggest landscape or other aspects of nature. Most of the techniques I choose to use are very contemplative, encouraging introspection; other processes are spontaneous and unpredictable. I try to find a balance between the two approaches, hoping to capture those ephemeral, fleeting moments of time that inspire me.