Burlington City Arts

247 pearl St. RFP

Deadline for submissions: April 27, 2015

Burlington City Arts, in partnership with Redstone, is issuing a Request for Proposals from artists (or artist teams) for a public art project at 247 Pearl Street in Burlington, VT.

Project Description

The project is a residential development at 247 Pearl Street. The development, facing Pearl Street, will include 29 apartments and a parking lot situated in a dense, residential neighborhood. The opportunities for public art are located in front of the building or integrated into the building, and should be visible from the sidewalk on Pearl Street.  Ground has broken on the project already, but there is still opportunity to incorporate concepts into architectural features and materials and/or to streamline installation over the course of construction.  Suggested locations are outlined in yellow on page 7 of the plans and renderings. Artists may develop concepts for one or more locations, or suggest another location as long as it remains visibly public.

Proposed projects should be sculptural/fine art based rather than functional in nature; i.e. no benches or bike racks will be entertained for this site. Durability and low/no maintenance are important for this location.


The budget for the selected project is not to exceed $7500 including artist/design fees, materials and fabrication. Installation costs may be considered separately but please provide a detailed description of installation requirements and an estimate for any additional installation costs not included in the base budget.

Specifications for Design

  1. Any material will be considered as long as it has a documented history of permanence and low maintenance.
  2. Design should maximize the scale and proportions of the site.
  3. Design should enhance the experience of entering the building residents and provide interest to pedestrians from the sidewalk.
  4. Given the heavy 24-hour-a-day pedestrian traffic, design must be safe, tamper-resistant, easily maintained, and discourage climbing, vandalism and graffiti.


A public review panel comprised of neighborhood representatives, Redstone representatives, project design consultants and a Burlington City Arts Public Art Committee member will review submissions from this RFP to select an artist.


The artist(s) will be paid one-half of the project cost upon contract signing and the remaining one-half upon project completion.

Estimated Timeline: April 27, 2015- December 1, 2015

April 27 - May 4 : Artist selection

May 4- May 15 : Refinement of artist proposal in collaboration with project designers and contractors; Contract completed and signed

May 15, 2014 – December 1, 2015: Fabrication and installation (note: if proposed project incorporates design into the architecture, a schedule for installation would need to be coordinated with the building contractors).

Criteria for Selection

Proposals will be judged as follows:

Aesthetic Considerations

• Innovative use of site

• Considers elements of existing architecture and infrastructure in design/material choices

• Exhibits strong artistic concept, design, and craftsmanship


Thematic Considerations

• Reflects or strengthens the unique community identity and sense of place

• Creatively connects with local community members and/or surrounding businesses


• Proposal is coherent and well-presented

• Previous experience completing public art projects for organizations or for private organizations of similar scope indicated

Suitability to the Site

• Compatible with the uses of the site, which include a high level of pedestrian traffic

• Efficient use of space

• Durability and vandal-deterring

• Respects concern for public safety

Execution and Maintenance

• Demonstrated ability of artist to carry out the project within budget and on time

• Demonstrated ability of the artist to work within a complex development process and remain flexible with project changes

• Proposed project’s maintenance requirements minimal to none

Materials to be Submitted 

The following materials should be submitted online:

  1. Up to 5 images of past work .jpg each titled with number and artist name
  2. Corresponding image list detailing project title, project budget, materials used, and brief description .doc or .pdf
  3. Narrative description of proposed design, not to exceed 500 words .doc or .pdf
  4. Detailed scale drawing .jpg or.pdf scaled to print at 11”x17”
  5. Current resume .doc or .pdf
  6. Detailed budget .doc or .pdf

Please direct any questions to Sara Katz, or 802-865-5356